Board Meeting Agenda


Notice of Public 

Meeting Harbor Rural Fire Protection District 

will be holding their Regular Meeting on Jan 8, 2020 at 7pm at the Harbor Rural Fire Protection District Building:

 98069 W Benham, 

Harbor, OR 97415.    


Agenda will include:      

• Hiring new Fire Chief

• Banking for Oregon 


• New Meeting Place at

  the (Harbor Sanitary District)   

  •  executive meeting    

• New equipment for 

   Secretary Treasurer




Harbor Rural Fire Board Agenda

December 11, 2019


Regular Board Meeting


Call meeting to order: 


Roll Call: 


Pledge of Allegiance:


Approval of Agenda:  

  1. Bank Changes

  2. New Attorney Agreement

  3. Board Position #3

  4. Fire Chief Interviews

  5. New Fire Chief Employment Agreement


Motion made by:

Seconded by:


Reading & Approval of November 2019 Minutes

Motion made by:

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Approval of Financials: 

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Old Business:

  1. New baking through the Special District, state run through LGIP and has an 2.4% interest rate. 

  2.  New meeting and storage space with Harbor Sanitary District.  Rent would be $125/mo.

  3.  Board established two two board members  committees to start interviews for the Fire Chief position.

  4. Fire contracts are ready to go out for the out of district residents.

  5. Harbor FF reported 29 calls for September and 49 calls of October.


New Business:

  1. Bank Changes -


  1. New Attorney Agreement -


  1. Board Position #3 -


  1. Fire Chief Interviews -

  2. New Fire Chief Employment Agreement - 


Public Comment on the Agenda Items:


Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items:


Chief’s Report:



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