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Sat. Mar 25th 2017
1648 Hrs Medical Assist (Lower Harbor Rd)

Harbor 0 and Harbor 11 responded at the request of Medic 4 to assist in any way possible. Eight firefighers responded.

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Tue. Mar 21st 2017
1102 Hrs Medical Assist (Shopping Center Ave)

Harbor 0 and Harbor 11 responded at the request of Medic 2 to assist in any way possible. Four firefighters responded.

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Tue. Mar 14th 2017
1625 Hrs Medical Assist (Hwy 101 S)

Harbor 0 and Harbor 11 responded at the request of Medic 4 to assist in any way possible. Five firefighters responded.

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Welcome to Harbor Rural Fire Protection District.

Protecting America's Wild Rivers Coast from the Chetco River to the California Border Since 1955

The Mission of the Harbor Volunteer Fire Department is to minimize loss of life and property through the cost-effective delivery of professional fire suppression, incident response, and education in preventive programs.


 Take time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors? It may seem like a bother, but it is one of the most cost effective forms of life safety insurance that you can have


Sometimes saving a life can be that simple.




Fire Prevention is number one        Be Safe



 Please check your House # signs and make sure they are visible as well as positioned where emergency services of all types can find your residence.  If your road has a "Y" in it,  position your house number to the left or to the right, not in the middle of the "Y".  So much time is wasted "looking for" a residence....It could save your life or one of your family members.  Don't think it doesn't happen often....It does! 






 Have you  Had your chimney cleaned?


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